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Great Matching Makes for Great Stories

We believe a great story can is best shared if there is a strong connection between two people. And our mission is to make great connections. Here are some of the fantastic stories of our Helper Bees and the seniors they have been matched with. We all have a great story to tell, and those stories need to be shared.

“My favorite thing about the Helper Bees is that they are always there when I need them and I get to work for the best clients. I love working with the Helper Bees’

If you like people, you’ll enjoy caregiving.

“I got really blessed with this couple. They're such sweet people.”

Randy E.

We rode into town in our family's horse and buggy. Can you imagine?

“She’s such a professional and really takes care of me.”

Kathy T

I love Yvette to pieces. I wish that she could be by my side, day in and day out.

“They are simply the sweetest. It feels like I have another set of grandparents.”

Ashley A

The highlight of my week is getting to talk to and spend time with Mr. and Mrs. Gorr. I've learned so much from them.

“Alma has been kind of my side kick. She’s there for me. ”

Diane Hardin

They acknowledge that the caregiver is entitled to a larger percentage of the compensation.

“She let's me talk. She's a great listener. ”


We make lists of the places we'll go. One week it's the library, the next week it's a VA meeting. He enjoys our little routines.